Healthcare IT & Digital Health

Planning and Designing

Whether it’s a greenfield or brownfield project, we collaborate with promoters to achieve their vision by creating a prudent master plan. Our Domain experts can help promoters plan their facility after assessing and creating the projected patient volumes, specialty focus, resource requirements, and design requirements.

We plan facilities keeping in mind the optimal utilization of space and patient,and staff requirements. Specialists in MehiLife help not only in the space planning but in selecting equipment syncing with investors’ operational objectives which cater to their clinical requirements and at the same time is value for money.

With our years of experience, we have planned and executed equipment budgets worth approximately Rs. 6000 Crores in different kinds of projects. We have supported clients with identifying the best equipment suited for their clinical practices, increasing efficiency, and optimizing costs. We handhold our clients and guide them throughout the entire planning and support them to get maximum value on their investment.

We are among the top leaders in planning and executing various models of healthcare structure be it corporate Hospitals, Govt. Hospitals, Medical College Hospitals, Stand-alone Hospitals, Single Specialty Hospital Chains like Oncology Centres, Birthing Centres, Eyecare Centre, Clinic Chains, Aesthetic and wellness centers, Pharmacy Chains, Diagnostics Chains.

Continuous Advancement of technology in the Healthcare Industry with changing patient demographics, disease patterns, expectations, and stringent govt. regulations, always a challenge for investors, our professionals exactly match the client requirements.

Business Strategy and Planning

Continuous growth is always difficult in such uncertain times, we work with enterprise leaders and individual promoters to align their vision for the future regarding the ultimate objective, and way to achieve it in a stipulated timeframe. We take an extra step beyond consulting to execute quantitative milestones at the right time and right place. Our approach is to focus on the transfer of knowledge from our experts to your team. This will be reflected in the way we work alongside your team and will also be incorporated into our deliverables. The spectrum of services has been designed to create a successful hospital model that meets international standards and protocols and operates with optimum investment without compromise on the quality of healthcare that a patient deserves. We help organizations:

  • Understand the recent Business trends and implications for your business
  • Identify Growth opportunities and high potential markets
  • Pursue new ideas and help in accelerating growth
  • Express the pain points for the management and resonate with the top management with Strategy
  • Help in creating opportunities to attract customers
  • Creating a sustainable futuristic Business model
  • Create and implement performance indicators

Operational Transformation

The Healthcare industry in India and the world is under immense pressure from changing disease patterns, patient expectations, increasing costs, increasing market competition, and government regulation. Operational transformation can make your hospital ready for such unprecedented changes in the environment and run a successfully sustainable hospital. Mehi Life helps you to identify and modify the business processes, work culture, and patient experience to grow and stay ahead of the competition.

Mehi Life consultants with vast operational experience help organizations use the best industry practices and provide consistent and uniform patient care. Working jointly with ground-level care providers, Mehi Life brings operational efficiency and measurable result to clients in a short period.  Key aspects of our work include the following:

  • Defining & Implementing Operational Structure, SOPs, KRAs
  • Setting & Monitoring Systems & Processes
  • Bringing efficiency in both Medical & Non-Medical functions
  • Functional Training / On-site support
  • Entire accountability of Operations
  • Handling Operations & Management of Hospitals
  • Quality Initiative



IT Strategy


Health IT and Digital Health are one of our fastest-growing practice areas. We apply our deep expertise in commercial strategy for healthcare technology to a wide range of solutions. Mehi Life consultants can help you with:


  • Defining IT Strategy
  • Hardware/ Software Specifications
  • Product Selection / Negotiation
  • Product Domain Customization
  • Support in Training
  • Automation


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